Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Anderson Farm

Things has been fun here lately. It seems like life is all around us right now. I love it that spring is here, well the calendar says so but some days it doesn't feel like it. Our trees are blooming and are covered with bees gathering pollen, the bushes are getting leaves on them, some of the elm trees are getting green. I LOVE it! We planted some onions outside and have a ton of things growing in little pots all over inside the house. Our chickens are doing great, we love getting fresh eggs everyday (12 to 14 everyday), so if you are ever in the neighborhood, stop by and get some eggs, the kids sell them for $2 a dozen. I have a poor little hen that has fertility issues, she lays a HUGE egg every few days and it has two yolks. It is really weird, but I feel for her, that is like giving birth to a 15 pound baby a couple times a week! Poor girl. Josh brought home some baby geese, yes I said GEESE, from the feed store. What will we do with geese you ask?? I don't know. But they are cute! Josh is a sucker!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I am still here!

I have not been very good at blogging lately, it just seems like I have a few too many things on my plate that need my attention. But here I am, and I will do my best to catch up on a few things. Well I just looked out the window and noticed that it is SNOWING! ARRGGG! Will it ever stop?! I know I should not complain because this winter has not been very bad, but I am so sick of being cold and I am sick of jackets and gloves and hats all over the house! I want to plant my garden and have green grass and flowers. I want to wear my flip flops and enjoy a warm summer day. I want to take the kids to go get a snow cone and let them swim in the irrigation ditch. I don't want to look out my window and see a dark dreary snowy day. I WANT WARMTH!!! Okay I will shut up now, I feel a little better now that I released my anger with winter. But really, does it have to last so long?

February is the month of birthdays for my family. About every day is someones birthday, it is fun! Haylee turned 10 on the 10th! Double digits, I felt so grown up when I turned double digits. Haylee thinks she is too. And I had a birthday too, I turned 24 :0) Okay, not really. My sister and her family came up for my birthday and we had a great time. We left the kids and went to Molly Butler's for dinner and had a nice adult time, a good thing to do every now and again. It is always so fun to have family come and visit and I am always so sad when they have to leave. Of course I have no pictures of any of the events that have been going on lately, I have gotten so bad at not taking any pictures! Tomorrow Haylee is dancing at the boys basketball game, I will really try to remember to bring my camera! She has danced for a few games and not one picture do I have!! Not one picture of her b-day party, nor any with the cousins playing. And I have two camera's, so I have no excuse. I have been rambling on and on with nothing of use to say, so maybe I should stop! But to let you know we are still here and doing great! Our chickens are laying pretty good now if anyone wants some fresh eggs come and get some, $2 a dozen. Sariah loves the chickens, it is like an Easter egg hunt for her everyday!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Sariah's 3rd Birthday

Sariah turned 3 on January 16th. How can that be? She was just born! Like all of my kids, she has my heart. She is such a special girl. All of us just cater to her every need. It is bad! And we know it, but still do it. She is 7 years younger than Haylee, so it is hard to not spoil her. She is so quick, talks a mile a minute, smart, funny, can melt your heart with her smile. I can not imagine life without her. She is so much fun to mess with. And the older kids love to teach her naughty things to say. Her favorite one to say is "Guess what, chicken butt" and "Guess who, chicken poo" (thank you Chee for teaching her that). So is it wrong that she is still a baby in my eyes? She still wears diapers, has a pacifier, sleeps in a crib, and I still carry her everywhere. And we still refer to her as "the baby". Oh it is bad.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Time

I can not believe that Christmas is already over! It should be barley Thanksgiving. We had a wonderful Christmas, the kids were so much fun this year, I say that every year I think. Sariah really got into it and understood so much more than last year. James and Haylee were so good with her, really playing up the Santa thing. James finally got the x-box 360 he has been dying for; and he got a .22, that Josh has been dying to get him since he was born! Haylee got a new bed spread and about 30 pillows for her bed and she also got a Karaoke machine. We would ask Sariah what she wanted Santa to bring her, she would always say "I want a crown, princess dress and glass slippers" So she got plenty of them! I am so sad that it is all over, even Sariah said to me today, "I miss Santa". James said today,"364 days and counting till Christmas comes again". So we hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!!

Friday, November 21, 2008

My attempt at a family picture

So much for trying to get a nice picture of the kids for Christmas cards. It doen't help when I am behind the camera yeling at them to "SMILE dang it!


This has been a wild week! James has three wrestling matches in one week. First was Mogollon which was a great match! James got his first PIN!!! It was great, he really needed that, his last win was last year at the Cottonwood tournament, which was his only win. So it was so much fun to see him pin his guy, granted his opponent was probably a forth grader and he was really small, BUT he still won! And he got a bloody nose so that made it seem a lot cooler for James. Yesterday was crazy! We had a match in Blue Ridge. It was soooo not fair! My knowledge about wrestling is very limited and I think I knew more about it than the ref and the score and time keepers!! It was a joke! So we lost, we have been undefeated for years and we lost unfairly to Blue Ridge. James was matched up with a nice kid who was really good, he lost but again I think it was unfair, not just because I am his mom either!! His poor nose kept bleeding! The ref had to call the match three time for him to go clean up his nose and then lost his patience with it and just called the match over!!! OH I was NOT happy! The ref started to do another match, and James and the other kid wanted to finish. So when he was done I told him that these boys want to finish their match! He looks at me like 'woman go away' so he lines the boys up and lets them wrestle for maybe 5 seconds and calls the other boy the winner! I was so pissed! This wrestling brings something out in me!! But for some crazy reason I love it! So when all your boys are old enough for wrestling sign them up! It is so good for them. James is not the best athlete, but it doesn't matter, he is out there trying and the whole team is so good to each other, No one has ever made him feel bad for not winning, it is always praise, and I just want to hug every single one of those boys. Sorry I forgot my camera again, so I have no picture, I will take some tomorrow in Cottonwood.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Sariah's Hair Salon

Sariah has a new hobby, she thinks she is a hair stylist. Arrrrrg, 2 year olds are so much fun. She has cut about four Barbie's hair now, I keep finding them and the hair all over the floor. So far, I know I just jinxed myself......she hasn't cut her own hair, YET! And she is also a baker. I have found her so many times with cereal, or chocolate milk, or pretty much anything she can pull out of the pantry and take it to her kitchen and "Cook dinner". She fills all her cups and plates with food and sets it all over her room. Life would be so boring with out a toddler! A little cleaner but boring.